Prabhakar: My son was trolled.. They didn’t like his style: Prabhakar

It is known that Prabhakar’s son Chandrahas, who became famous as a megastar on the screen, has recently announced his entry into films. Prabhakar said that his son is planning three films simultaneously. He said that his son is a very hard worker and will become a good hero. However, while Prabhakar was speaking, there was massive trolling on the way Chandrahas was standing. Netizens didn’t like him showing a stylish attitude with his hands in both pockets. With this, memes and videos are being played on social media in a range. They made negative comments saying, ‘Not even a single film has been made.

Prabhakar reacted to the trolling of his son Chandrahas. Speaking in an interview.. “Our man has come now. The movie has not been released yet. The other day he was introduced to the function where he got trolled. ‘What is this hero.. if he has his hands in his pocket.. why is he walking around? What’s going on here..?’ They trolled like that.

It’s good. It goes viral. Anyway, he knew. Whether they are scolding or praising, the people know. Later, the better he does, the better he will be loved. They don’t like the style he is standing now. That’s why he said he didn’t like it. If you like his acting, you will be lifted to the sky. If you perform well, you will be appreciated..” he said.

Prabhakar also talked about Sun Stoke in the industry. He said that in the past some actors got sun stoke..but no one knew about it. He said with a smile that the child is affected by the process of working hard for the future.

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