Photo of Pawan Kalyan in the pooja room.. Gabbar Singh Sai showing devotion

There are many people who worship Pawan Kalyan like a god. Bandla Ganesh’s name is often heard in it. He also said publicly on many platforms. Pawan Kalyan is my God. But many consider power stars like Bandla Ganesh to be gods. All this is done by those who have seen him closely. Everyone is in awe of his presence on set and off set.

So Gabbar Singh’s entire gang is also a slave to Pawan Kalyan’s simplicity. The members of Gabbar Singh’s batch will always remember the one meal served by him. All of them also come forward to walk with Pawan Kalyan. In terms of politics, Pawan Kalyan will also take the lead.

Recently Gabbar Singh Sai also said the same thing. Sai also said that they will participate in the yatra which will start next month. Recently a video of Sai’s house is going viral. He also placed Pawan Kalyan’s photo along with all the deities in the pooja room of Gabbar Singh Sai’s house.

Sai made it clear to everyone that Pawan Kalyan is equal to God. Currently, this video is impressing everyone on the net. Most importantly, Pawan Kalyan’s fans are sharing this video on Twitter.

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