pawan kalyan: Pawan Kalyan: Rajamouli meets Pawan Kalyan .. Are you going to do a movie? Or for some other reason? – rajamouli meeting with pawan kalyan soon


  • Rajamouli meets Pawan Kalyan
  • Going to the movies? Any other reason?
  • Meeting on weekdays

The news that Rajamouli is going to play Janasena and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is being heard loudly in the industry. Early in his career, Rajamouli wanted to do a film with Pawan Kalyan. But for some reason it did not work out. The two have not been seen separately since. However, news is heard that Pawan Kalyan and Rajamouli are going to meet soon. Why are the two of them actually meeting .. Are they going to make a movie? Doubt is not our arrival. The fact of the matter is that the two are part of a discussion about the film, but it’s not an upcoming film in the duo’s, which is already set for release. RRR, For Bhimla Naik movies. While the releases of these two films have been finalized, one can think of another problem. But .. here is the real problem for Rajamouli.

What is the problem with the original Rajamouli? RRR movie is a Pan India movie. Movie starring stars like NTR, Ramcharan, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn. There are huge expectations. Why is Mari Rajamouli thinking? Can think. The RRR movie is coming out on January 7th for next year’s Sankranthi. Prabhas is going to make a fuss with Radheshyam on January 14th, which is at least a week gap. Zacchaeus thinks collections can be reaped this week. But in the meanwhile, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has said that he has not changed the release date of his film. As announced earlier, it has been finalized as coming on January 12th. There is no doubt that a hero like Pawan Kalyan will have an impact on the collections in the first week at the box office. Especially in the case of Andhra Pradesh, where ticket rates have not been increased either. It also has an impact on collections there. So Rajamouli, who thought it would be better if RRR and Bhimla Naik competed in such circumstances, is going to request to change the release date of Bhimla Naik, especially with Pawan Kalyan.

On the other hand, there are rumors that RRR producer DV Danayya is going to go with the distributors and also request Trivikram. After the RRR release date was announced, Bhimla Naik’s producers wanted to postpone their film, but Pawan Kalyan did not agree and hence they are going to Sankranthi. Will Pavin accept the request of Jakkina now? Is to think. Producers need to think about when Bhimla Naik will be released if it is posted.

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