Pawan Kalyan: Not one in the census, one in countless people.. Hyper Aadi praises for Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan: Not one in the census, one in countless people.. Hyper Aadi praises for Pawan Kalyan
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Hyper Aadi (Hyper Aadi) is one of those fans who get excited when the name of Power Star Pawan Kalyan is mentioned. No matter how long he talks about Janasena, he speaks eloquently. At the birthday celebrations of Mega Power Star Ram Charan on Sunday night, Hyper Aadi once again enthralled the mega fans with his speech. Aadi, who spoke highly of Megastar Chiranjeevi first, then eloquently spoke about Power Star with very poetic and rhyming dialogues, enthralling the mega fans. Mega fans screamed at Hyper Aadi’s words and the auditorium was in a frenzy.

The inspiration he caused, the many lives he moved, the hardships he endured, the struggles he waged, the successes he achieved, the successes and hardships he faced, the successes he faced. He is not one in the census.. He is one in countless population. Pawan Kalyan is a running leader who runs a vote that doesn’t involve notes and politics that doesn’t tempt office. If the problem knocks on the door, the solution is kept at home. God is in the hearts of the fans. Hyper Adi praised his favorite actor by saying that he is Prachanda in the hearts of his enemies, Prabhanjan who does not need publicity, an indefatigable servant, an original leader, a true loka kalyan, a selfless mana Pawan Kalyan.
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Aadi’s compliments on Pawan Kalyan did not stop there. ‘Power Star is the only star who is honest in every word he says and honest in everything he does. He distributes his own money to farmers, poor and students. The rest of the leaders will distribute this money on the night before the election. But he knows how to share when he is in trouble. Pawan Kalyan does not know how to take those difficulties as an advantage. Adi called for such a person, not only his fans but also every hero’s fans should support him.

After that, talking about Mega Power Star Ram Charan.. ‘I am not a person born to make a name for my family but a person born to make a name for my country. Mega Power Star is a star who has taken a movie to the level where we talk about how much it got in Andhra and Telangana and how much it got in America. In the movie RRR, if a thousand people were thrown in the middle, he pushed and hit them and stood up. Now mega power star is not local but global. This time we are doing birthday celebrations in Andhra and Telangana, I said earlier that from now on the whole world will celebrate his birthday… this time it happened’ said Adi.

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