Pavitra Naresh: Naresh-Pavitra walk in the desert of Dubai.. Leaked videos.. Is the honeymoon over!!

Pavitra Naresh: Naresh-Pavitra walk in the desert of Dubai.. Leaked videos.. Is the honeymoon over!!
Veteran actor VK Naresh today shared a video via social media that he got married to girlfriend Pavitra Lokesh. Both are tied together with a traditional three-pronged knot without the cumin jaggery. However, many people have doubts about this video. Is this a real wedding.. If not, did Naresh put this video on social media to fool the audience? Many people have that dilemma. Naresh said today during the press meet of ‘Intinti Ramayanam’ that he will hold a press meet and give clarity on his marriage.

Meanwhile, when Naresh-Pavitra got married, another issue came up for discussion. That’s it.. this dark couple’s honeymoon. There were reports that Naresh, who got married, went on a holy honeymoon. However, with Naresh’s appearance at the press meet today, everyone thought the honeymoon news was rumours. But, recently, the videos of Naresh and Pavitra’s Dubai vacation have come out. Currently, those videos are doing the rounds on Twitter. Many people who have seen these videos are questioning whether the honeymoon is over.

In these videos, Naresh and Pavitra can be seen walking in various parts of Dubai. Especially enjoying the nature while getting tired in the Gulf deserts. Naresh and Pavitra also enjoyed cruise parties and shopping. Netizens who have seen the videos of Naresh and Pavitra walking tiredly in the sand dunes are making sarcastic comments. People are making fun of saying that they are getting old. Netizens are showing their creativity with double meaning comments saying ‘Is risk necessary at this age.. It is like walking in the desert’.

Meanwhile, Naresh is yet to divorce his third wife Ramya Raghupathi. Their divorce petition is still in court. Ramya Raghupathi has already alleged that Naresh is divorcing her just to marry Pavitra. Naresh has already said many times that he was cheated. Naresh also made many accusations against Ramya. Naresh, who previously said that she had committed many financial frauds and had nothing to do with them, accused Ramya of torturing him. That is why he wants a divorce. On the other hand, Naresh, who has already finalized his relationship with Pavitra, surprised us with a wedding video today. And it remains to be known whether this marriage really took place.. or is it a scene in a movie.

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