Pavitra Lokesh’s complaint against Ramya Raghupathi. Naresh’s wife behind YouTube channels

Senior actor Naresh’s (VK Naresh) third wife Ramya Raghupathi (Ramya Raghupathi) name has come to the fore once again. It is known that Ramya Raghupathi came forward and accused the media that there is a relationship between Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh.. that is why Naresh is keeping her away. She lashed out at Pavitra Lokesh. Pavitra Lokesh also gave a counter to Ramya. However, now Pavitra Lokesh has filed a police complaint against Ramya Raghupathi.

It is known that Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh approached the Cybercrime Police of Hyderabad saying that they are uploading offensive videos against her on some YouTube channels. Pavitra Lokesh complained to the cyber crime police to take action against those YouTube channels. Cybercrime ACP KVM Prasad revealed the details of this case to the media.

Pavitra Lokesh has expressed suspicion that Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi is behind YouTube channels posting obscene and offensive videos on them. To this extent, Pavitra mentioned the names of Rama Rao, Sivakumari and Ramya Raghupathi in his complaint. ACP Prasad revealed that they are continuing the investigation on the complaint filed by Pavitra Lokesh. ACP said that Pavitra had mentioned three names in his complaint. In this regard notices have also been given to the concerned YouTube channels. ACP said that all those mentioned in the complaint have been ordered to appear today for investigation. ACP Prasad revealed that Ramya has not been called for investigation at present and if necessary, she will also be questioned.

Meanwhile, it is known that senior actor Naresh has married three times. Ramya Raghupathi’s third wife. Naresh married Ramya in 2010. She is the daughter of senior Congress leader and former minister Raghuveera Reddy’s brother. Naresh-Ramya couple also have a son. However, some have filed a cheating case against Ramya Raghupathi this year. There are cases against her for cheating in the matter of money.

However, when Naresh declared that he had nothing to do with Ramya’s cheating, the real fight started. After that Ramya and Naresh accused each other. Later, Ramya pulled Pavitra Lokesh in the middle. Naresh was accused of having an illicit relationship with her. In fact there are already reports that Naresh and Pavitra are dating. Naresh announced that he will divorce Ramya in this order. But, Ramya made it clear that she will not divorce under any circumstances. He said that he has changed to Vijayanirmas.. He has decided not to divorce. Currently, Ramya is staying in Bangalore.

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