Pavitra Lokesh – I have to commit suicide.. The reason I came out is Naresh: Pavitra Lokesh

Pavitra Lokesh – I have to commit suicide.. The reason I came out is Naresh: Pavitra Lokesh
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Senior actor VK Naresh’s golden jubilee project ‘Malli Pelli’ (Malli Pelli) has generated interest among the audience. Starring Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh, this film opens with a story similar to their real life events. Made as a family entertainer, this movie is written and directed by popular producer MS Raju. Naresh himself has produced this film under Vijaya Krishna Movies banner. ‘Malli Pelli’ will release on 26th of this month. In this background, Pavitra Lokesh shared the details of her personal life along with the features of the film in a press conference on Monday.

Pavitra Lokesh said that since the beginning of her career, she focused on character roles but never thought of doing it as a heroine. At the very beginning of her career, the well-known director Girish Casaravelli revealed that she was lucky to make her the heroine and do two films. After that, he said that he has been doing roles that he liked, and now he has played the lead role in ‘Malli Pelli’. As Naresh said.. He said that if they think of themselves as hero and heroine, they can think the same, leaving it to the will of the audience.

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Pavitra Lokesh responded to the question whether this film can be considered a biopic.. ‘Biopic is a very big word. The story of ‘Remarriage’ reflects the society. Similar conditions and ideas exist in the society. The audience will definitely connect’, he said. M.S. When Raju told the story of this film, Naresh said that it would be better if he did it together.. They both liked the story and made the film. Pavitri said that he cannot say now whether it is a fictional story or based on real events. One will know by watching the movie. He made it clear that this film was not made to target anyone.

Talking about Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh said that no matter how serious a matter is, he takes it very lightly. However, what is needed for that work is taken very seriously. He revealed that he does not have that characteristic. ‘I take even the smallest things seriously. Naresh thinks about today. They want to be happy with what they have today. Rani will take care of tomorrow. I learned this quality from him. Above all he takes care of me. What more is needed? I am very happy about this,’ revealed Pavitra Lokesh.

Pavitra Lokesh spoke about the difficulties in the society regarding remarriage. But no one can fix anyone in society. They have their own thoughts and opinions. A few incidents happened in our case. As far as I am concerned.. some have misrepresented me by obstructing the situation. They wanted to destroy my personality and put a black mark on my career. It is very difficult to get out of this. If I am alone I should either commit suicide or sit at home. The reason I came out was Naresh.. He stood behind me. They said I was. Not afraid of anything. If I had taken a step back, the situation would have been worse. Naresh is very supportive.’

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