Parasuram: ‘I heard I am ..’ Why the dialogue was written .. Parasuram‌ Clarity

Now the Tollywood audience is eagerly awaiting the movie ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’. The film stars superstar Mahesh as the hero and is directed by Parashuram. The film is set for a worldwide release on May 12. The movie trailer further raised the expectations on the movie. With this, filmmaker Parashuram has now become the talk of the industry. His previous film was ‘Gita Govindam’. The film was also a major turning point in the career of Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna. Now filmed with superstar Mahesh. Director Parashuram raised the expectations of the trailer.

If you watch the trailer of ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’, it means that it is a pakka commercial movie. But the Mahesh look, along with the acting, seems to have been an asset to the Parashuram Taking film. It seems that the dialogues in the movie are going to be in peaks. Especially when the trailer was released, the dialogue ‘I heard I was there’ went viral. This was said by the late Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy. Now that his son, YS Jagan, is the AP CM, all party factions are also well connected to the dialogue. There was no doubt as to why Parashuram had to write that dialogue which impressed the fans, the common audience as well as everyone else.

In a recent interview, director Parashuram explained why the dialogue ‘I heard, I am ..’ had to be written in the film ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’. “I had YS Raja Shekhar Reddy as the hero. I loved the saying, ‘I heard, I am ..’ Bhale seemed to say in a small way what had a very big meaning. When such a situation came up in ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’ .. when the hero Mahesh had to give a word to Kirti Suresh, I wrote in the dialogue script ‘I heard I am ..’ Mahesh did not object during the shooting.

sarkaru vaari paata

If you want to know the context in which the dialogue ‘I heard, I am ..’ was used in the film, you have to wait till the release of the film. It is learned that the pre-release event of the film will be held on May 7 in Hyderabad.