Padipoya Song: Padipoya video song that impresses

When we listen to some songs, we get mesmerized. That’s what I want to hear. We immediately search if this song is from a movie.. But recently, independent songs for movie songs are attracting music lovers. Entertaining with heart touching songs. Sumanth Borra and Venkatesh Uppala, who are known to music lovers with cover songs like Mallirava.. Evare, have come up with another independent song.

Director Tarun Bhaskar’s mother Geetha Bhaskar released the video song ‘Padipoya..’ produced by both of them together. Released by Aditya Music, this song is impressing music lovers on YouTube. Mallika Vallabha provided the lyrics while Sumanth Borra provided the vocals. Besides, he acted as a vocal composer and producer. Music by Venkatesh Uppala. Music lovers are praising that the lyrics are super.. The song is catchy.

With the intention of establishing himself in the film industry, he worked as a software engineer and mastered music. The independent song ‘Ela Mari Ika Rawa..’, which was produced earlier with independent musician Venkatesh Uppa, has got good views on YouTube. The recently released song ‘Padipoya..’ is also getting praise. Singer Deepu, directors Mehar Ramesh, Tarun Bhaskar and many other film celebrities praised it. Sumanth Borra and Venkatesh Uppala say that their desire is to settle down in the film industry as music directors.

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