Paata Uttej : Just learned it!.. Paata on father is an emotional post

Tollywood actor and writer Utjak needs no special introduction. All Telugu people should be amazed by his performance. Whether it is a comedy role or a serious look, he can impress. It is known that Padmavati, wife of Utjek, passed away last year. At that time, Utjek cried his heart out. Both his daughters are bored. In it, the younger daughter’s song is Utjev, but she holds Chiranjeevi and cries profusely.

Netizens are moved by the posts of Pata Utjek touching his mother. The song is always active on the net. The song Utvik mostly has fun with Renu Desai’s family. Akira Nandan is playing the music. So Renu Desai shares the videos of these two from time to time.

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In the latest song, Utjek showered her love on her father. At present, Pata Utvik is staying in Chennai. But recently it came to Hyderabad. Yesterday she visited Samatha Murthy statue along with her father and friends. Enjoyed it a lot. ‘Nanna Loveu.. if I come to Hyderabad.. you will make me very happy that day.. I am now staying in Chennai.. I will be happy when I come to you like this. Poured love.

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