Oke Oka Jeevitham : Director can’t get tickets.. Video viral

oke oka jeevitham only one life has become a breath for the movie Sharvanand. Sharwanand, who is struggling with a series of flops, seems to have got only one life for the film. After many days, Sharvanand got a hit. It took him to another level as an actor. Everyone is in awe of Sharwanand’s performance in the movie Oke Ek Jeevan. Everyone raved about Sharva’s acting and gestures.

Sharva is also fully enjoying this success. Sharwanand seems to be in good spirits. But recently director Mr. Karthik shared a video. He went to a theater and stood in a queue. He asked the ticket giver to give him a ticket. He says that there are no tickets.. The house is full. But he says give it to the show in the evening. He says they don’t even exist.

With this Mr. Karthik tells the real thing. I am the director of this movie. For the director, he says that the real success is that he did not get tickets for his film. Overall this video is impressive. This movie released in Tamil and Telugu languages ​​got good talk.

It is known that this story line was born after the death of his mother and this story was born because of the desire to see his dead mother again.

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