NTR Health University: Using it for political gain is wrong.. It’s not decency: Kalyan Ram, Nara Rohit

There is a lot of fuss over the name change of NTR Health University in Andhra Pradesh. The change of name to YSR Health University (YSR Health University) is causing a lot of political uproar. All over the state, TDP leaders and NTR fans are angry at the government’s decision. Nandamuri heroes are responding in this context. The decision of the government is wrong. It is known that the AP Legislature on Wednesday approved the bill to change the name of Dr. NTR Health University in Vijayawada to Dr. YSR Health University.

Hero Nandamuri Kalyan Ram reacted to the government’s decision. A medical university was established in Vijayawada in 1986. NTR, who wanted to make quality medical and education available to the students of 3 regions of Andhra Pradesh, initiated this university. This Medical Health University is one of the best developed in the country.

It has provided the country with countless talented medical professionals. The university was renamed as Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences to commemorate his contribution to the improvement of medical studies in the Telugu states. It pains me to change the name of a prestigious university that has been in existence for over 25 years regardless of which political party is in power. It is wrong to use this topic which is connected with emotions for many people just for political gain..” he posted on social media.

Another hero Nara Rohith reacted a bit harshly on the government’s decision. ‘It is not decency to change the names of dignitaries for political reasons. There is no one else at NTR’s level, and never will be. To change his name means to change his name again. By doing such things, your level is going down, but not to his level. Johar NTR..!’ He wrote that.

It is known that Jr NTR also responded earlier. ‘Both NTR and YSR are great leaders who have gained great popularity. The respect brought by such taking one’s name and naming one’s name does not raise the stature of YSR, it does not lower the stature of NTR. By renaming the university, the fame NTR earned, his stature in the history of the Telugu nation and his memory in the hearts of the Telugu people cannot be erased,” Tarak tweeted.

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