Not Jr NTR.. Jr YSR.. Don’t you have the guts to ask if grandfather’s name is removed? Babu’s invasion of Tarak

“Both NTR and YSR are great leaders who have gained great popularity. This kind of honor brought by taking someone’s name and naming someone else’s name will not increase the level of will not reduce the level of NTR..’The fame gained by NTR by changing the name of the university, his place in the history of the Telugu nation, his memories in the hearts of the Telugu people cannot be erased’.. politics aside. Junior NTR responded so soberly. Junior NTR tweeted that he was not in pain.

Andhra Pradesh Assembly took a key decision in the meetings. NTR University of Health Sciences in Vijayawada is named after ‘Dr. The YCP government introduced a key bill in the House on Wednesday to convert it into YSR Health University. It is known that the House approved the bill. However, the Telugu Desam Party strongly opposes this sensational decision taken by the government. Also, NTR’s fans are also wrong about the decision taken by the government.

But Junior NTR, who is busy with movies, thinking that this political trend is for me, tweeting on this issue is becoming a hot topic. But some people say that NTR’s tweet is very sober.. The opposition and TDP faction are wrong about NTR’s response. In this background, famous rationalist, Babu Gogineni of Bigg Boss fame reacted strongly to NTR’s tweet. He made harsh comments saying that he is not Jr. NTR.. Jr. YSR.

I made a comment saying, ‘I have seen Junior YSR’s tweet’ when Babu Gogineni was speaking on the TV channel discussion forum. Junior NTR says that just changing names of NTR and YSR will not change their reputation.. Also I call Jr. NTR as Jr. YSR.. because.. why did he come to this society? NTR is not a doctor but an actor. Anyone can act with flour on their face. Do they have anything to do with the health system, the public service? Why did NTR come into this society? Because he is NTR’s grandson. He came as a grandson.. What is the point of posting a tweet without actually saying anything? Does this hero really have guts?

There is a temple.. Here he is swinging in the middle of Nagpur (NTR). There is a hanging scene in the movie RRR.. in real life they hang like that. Politics is not about making dialogues and giving speeches. There should be awareness about the policies.. There should be a thought for the welfare of the people.. NTR is talking without this. The party thrown by my grandfather struck a dialogue that I will not allow anyone to do anything. A university was named after your grandfather, isn’t it? And why do you say that another grandfather is better? Very silly.

They have a strong image in public but.. what do they lack in public life. Their names should not be given to the things that the government is investing with people’s money. Jr. NTR did not respond if he was actually NTR’s grandson.. Since NTR was the founder of Health Science University.. it makes sense to name him. Babu Gogineni said that changing the name today is a part of gilda.. This work is a part of making Telugu Desam Party members cry. But Jr. NTR responded very soberly.. Jr. NTR fans are on fire for criticizing him.

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