No one knows what is happening inside.. Rashmika Mandana reacts to the ‘Kantara’ controversy

Kannada beauty Rashmika Mandanna (Rashmika Mandanna) is not to mention how much of a craze all over the country. She is a national crush. He came from Kannada industry and became popular in Tollywood.. Now he has gone to Bollywood. However, after growing up as a heroine, Rashmika has become more proud and arrogant. Some of the Kannada audience are trolling her on social media. Rashmika was trolled especially in the case of the movie ‘Kantara’. However, Rashmika Mandana recently responded to other controversies with these trolls.

Rashmika Mandana was asked in an interview whether she had seen the movie after the release of ‘Kantara’. Rashmika replied that she did not see it. This video clip has gone viral on social media. As a result, some Kannada audience started trolling Rashmika Mandana on social media saying that she has not seen the movie that showcases Kannada culture yet. After that in another interview Rashmika Mandana said that without mentioning the name of the production company that gave her the first opportunity while revealing about her film journey, it was a so called production house. Kannadigas got angry in this matter too. Rashmika was trolled a lot with that video clip.

The Kannada audience trolled Rashmika Mandana by countering her with a video of ‘Kantara’ hero Rishabh Shetty talking about her in an interview. At the same time, it was also spread on social media that Rashmika was banned by the Kannada industry and that she will no longer be allowed to act in Kannada films. All in all Kannadigas are very angry with Rashmika Mandana. However, Rashmika recently responded to these controversies. Rashmika, who participated in a private event in Hyderabad, spoke to the media and explained about ‘Kantara’ and the ban campaigns.

“They asked if they had seen me within two or three days of Kantara’s release. I haven’t seen it yet. Now I have seen and messaged the team. A reply was also received saying thank you very well. I don’t know why it is happening outside. The outside world does not know what is happening in my life. God knows what is going on inside. I can’t put a camera in my person’s life and show them what is happening every time. Not every message can be put on social media. I don’t care what people say about my personal life. I take what they say about my career and work on it. But I can’t respond to everything,” Rashmika revealed.

Also, she also responded to the rumors that Kannada producers have banned Rashmika Mandana. “Until now, no one has banned me,” says Rashmika with a smile. Rashmika has put a full stop to this controversy which has been raging on social media for a few days. Talking about ‘Pushpa 2’, Rashmika said that her look will change in the sequel.

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