Netizens asking about Manchu Vishnu, Sunny Leone taking Maa members

Manchu Vishnu (vishnu manchu) recently met Dil Raju (Dil Raju). He asked to cast members of the Movie Artist Association (MAA) in films. He asked to encourage new talent. This is how Manchu Vishnu came on behalf of our members and submitted a petition to Dil Raju, and the discussion started on the net. Usually, people make comments on Manchu Vishnu’s tweets and comments. And trolling on Manchu Vishnu on Twitter is not all.

Manchu plays Vishnu as our president. There is also a big discussion on Manchu Vishnu’s recent tweet. Manchu Vishnu responds on meeting Dil Raju, seeking opportunities on behalf of our members and promoting new talent.

But now netizens are making satires on Manchu Vishnu’s tweet. Did you cast Sunny Leone in your Jinnah movie? Is she our member? They are arguing that. Others are questioning about our building. Manchu Vishnu is always a hot topic on the net.

Manchu Vishnu is creating sensation with Jinnah movie updates. With the title Jinnah and the controversies like the Tirumala hill in the background, Jinnah drew all the attention towards him. Manchu Vishnu created more buzz with the first look motion poster. Manchu Vishnu’s off-screen mischief with Payal Rajput and Sunny Leone is nothing special.

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