Nebula comments on heaven on social media .. Netizens trolling

Knowingly or unknowingly .. sometimes we have to face some criticism even if we are not involved. The matter is now known to Nebula Konidela, daughter of Mega Brother Nagababu. Why not say specifically. Knowing that the police were taking drugs as a regent, the party attacked the party. Having a nebula there has become a hot topic. She was later released by the police, but netizens did not stop trolling. A few days before that Nebula shared a gym video. As a result, she became more and more trolling and took to Instagram. However, it is known that she recently re-entered Instagram saying that she has learned lessons.

Nebula Konidela, who made her entry on Instagram, is enjoying her latest trip to Jordan. She also shared some photos related to it. For one of these photos, I look for paradise everywhere, ‘the caption added. While some admired the photos, others exclaimed in their own way in the form of comments. ‘Would you go to the temple or not? Some, however, dare to say that the nebula stands as strong as a pillar.


Our audience does not want a special introduction about the nebula. She started her career as an actress and host on television. Has also produced some web series as a producer. Tested her luck on the silver screen as a heroine. Digital and Bully focused more on the screen as she did not get the recognition she was hoping for as a heroine. It is learned that Chaitanya got married to Jonna Ligard two years ago.

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