Naresh – I am a billionaire.. my property is more than thousand crores: Naresh

Naresh – I am a billionaire.. my property is more than thousand crores: Naresh
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Yesteryear hero and veteran actor VK Naresh says he is a billionaire. It is said that the value of his assets may be more than Rs.1000 crores. Malli Pelli is a movie starring Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh. It is releasing on 26th of this month. The trailer of this movie was released recently. In this trailer, there is a dialogue addressed to Naresh, ‘You are a thousand crore figure sir. This was mentioned by Naresh in a recent interview. Naresh laughed and admitted that he was a billionaire.

Naresh said that while there is some property inherited from his mother Vijayanirmala, there is also some property that he has earned through hard work. ‘I am rich. It is inherited. I have earned it hard. Land prices have increased. I am a billionaire,’ revealed Naresh. However, when asked in an interview that many of Naresh’s acquaintances say that Rs.1000 crores is a lie.. It is easy to double it and it is his property.

Naresh said that all he has is white money.. Anyone can check it anywhere, anytime. Naresh says that he has built his empire with great respect. Let’s leave aside the thousand crore figure. I believe only one thing.. God gave only one life. You should be happy.. You should keep the people around you happy. This is my policy. Life should be celebrated. I am doing the same. Our earnings are very genuine since mom was there. What is the way of spending it? We spend some for ourselves, we want to do something for ten people. We feel that we have a good amount. Can’t we give it when we have it?’ said Naresh.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Malli Pelli’ was directed by popular producer MS Raju. Produced by Naresh himself under Vijaya Krishna Movies banner. Suresh Bobbili and Arul Dev are the music directors for this movie with cinematography by MN Bal Reddy. Both of them composed the songs together.. Aruldev provided the background score. Junaid Siddiqui Editor. Bhaskar Mudawat is the production designer. Anantha Sriram has given the lyrics for all the songs. Jayasudha and Sarath Babu played key roles in this film and Vanitha Vijayakumar, Ananya Nagella, Roshan, Ravivarma, Annapurna, Bhadram, Yuktha, Praveen Yandamuri and Madhu played important roles.

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