Nani: Waiting with excitement as an audience rather than a producer: Natural Star Nani

Rajamouli went to a Hollywood function the other day. Then he put on a coat. When I saw him, I felt like a hero. We call him director. There is a hero in him,” said hero and producer Natural Star Nani. In his submission, Adivi Sesh starrer film Hit 2. Shailesh Kolanu is the director. Produced by Prashanti Tripirnni. Meenakshi Chaudhary is the heroine. This investigative thriller will release on December 2. Rajamouli was the chief guest at the pre-release event held on the occasion.

Natural star Nani said, “I will not say anything about the movie ‘Hit 2’ right now. Everyone said everything. The movie will release on December 2. You will see how everyone’s love and respect is on this movie. We made a hit movie with the same love and respect. It can be said that Rajamouligaru, who has traveled all over the world, cannot come. But they came to the event. He will feel like his own banner. We feel honored that he is coming to this ceremony. He has come to A!, Hit 1… and now Hit 2 events. Adivi sesh is a terrific actor. He is an actor who acts without underestimating the intelligence of the audience. One can understand how such an actor feels when he meets a director like Shailesh. After this hit will be 3… to 7. Sailesh Kolanu has already said that he will unite everyone in Hit 7. I am waiting with more excitement as an audience than as a producer. Only after watching Hit 2 will you understand who is the hero of Hit 3,” he said.

Hit 2 is part of the Hit franchise. Hit 1 starred Vishwak Sen as the hero. Adivi Sesh is the hero in Hit 2. Sesh played the role of KD, a police officer in the AP Homicide Investigative Team who is on the hunt for a psycho killer. With the recently released trailer of Hit 2, there are huge expectations on the movie. The makers are planning to release the film in the pan India range in this month of December. Soon Hit 2 will release in other languages ​​including Hindi.

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