Nani: The villain of ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ who voiced Nani.

Nani: The villain of ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ who voiced Nani.
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Dubbing is very important for movies that are translated from one language to another. Because, the emotion created in one language for the scene should be able to be created in another language with dubbing. Dubbed movies like that will surely impress the audience in other languages ​​as well. Dubbing also played a vital role as the movie ‘Baahubali’, which was shot entirely in Telugu, impressed the Hindi audience to such an extent. At that time, the voice given to hero Prabhas in Hindi was better than his original voice. That voice was given by Sharad Kelkar who played the villain in the movie ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’.

After ‘Baahubali’, he dubbed for another Telugu movie ‘Dasara’. He voiced the hero Nani. Hindi critics and audience say that this dubbing has been done wonderfully. This rustic action drama directed by the new director Srikanth Odela is impressing the Telugu audience as well as the multilingual audience. Especially the Hindi audience was hooked. Hindi audience and critics are impressed with Nani’s performance. Bollywood’s famous analyst and film critic Taran Adarsh. Taran Adarsh, who gave a 3.5 star rating, said that the movie is ‘powerful’ in one word. He tweeted to this effect.

Director Srikanth Odelaku praised that although this is his first film, the story has been told brilliantly and a revenge drama has been told very strongly. Taran Adarsh ​​said that hero Nani is the lifeline of ‘Dussehra’. He said that Sharad Kelkar’s dubbing voice has strengthened his character in Hindi.

Hero Nani responded to Taran Adarsh’s tweet. He thanked them for saying positive things about their film. It is mentioned that the Hindi dubbing team has given a high quality output and Sharad Kelkar’s voice has been excellent for Dharani’s character.

Earlier, Sharad reacted to the dubbing of Dharani’s character in Hindi. He says that working for pan India films always gives him a great feeling. He revealed that he has a lot of respect for his fellow actor Nani.. He can’t stop praising his performance. Sharad Kelkar, a Hindi TV artist, entered films after that. Acted in Bollywood movies like ‘Hulchal’, ‘1920: Evil Returns’, ‘Housefull 4’, ‘Tanaji’. Chhatrapati appeared as Shivaji in ‘Tanaji’. Pawan Kalyan greeted the Telugu audience as the villain in the movie ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’.

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