Nani: Tamil anchor who competed with hero Nani.. how hard it was!

Nani: Tamil anchor who competed with hero Nani.. how hard it was!
In the movie ‘Dasara’, the hero Nani (Nani) drinks the bottle without putting it down and without holding the bottle with his hand. This scene was seen in the trailer. However, a Tamil anchor who tried to recreate the scene was met with laughter. He participated in a challenge with the nanny to drink the bottle without putting it down and lost. Moreover, when she put the bottle in her mouth, she foamed from her mouth. This video has now become viral on social media.

Hero Nani is currently busy with ‘Dussehra’ promotions. As ‘Dussehra’ is being released as a Pan India movie, it is being promoted in foreign languages. As part of this campaign, Nani went to Chennai two days ago. He gave a series of interviews to the media and YouTube channels there. Among them is a channel called Little Talks. In the middle of the interview, the anchor mentions the scene where he holds the medicine bottle with his mouth without touching it with his hand and drinks it without putting it down. If you like, let’s try the challenge here, asked Nani. When Nani said ok, they brought two small bottles of cool drink. He gave one to Nani and took one to himself.

Nani explained to the anchor how to put the bottle in the mouth and then how to lift it and drink. Nani was used to it in the movie, so he picked it up and shook it. At the same time, the anchor could not lift the bottle with his mouth and choked. This scene was repeated by the editor who edited the interview. Moreover, they also added a meme making fun of her. This short clip is now going viral on social media. His fans are commenting that no one can do this challenge except me.

On the other hand, Nani’s comments in interviews given to Tamil media and press meets are currently trending on social media. Mani Ratnam, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth are his inspirations. Some people are criticizing Nani saying that he grew up watching Tamil movies. Wherever they go, they are commenting on whether it is to hit the can. In fact, Nani started her film journey in Chennai. Not only him, but all the actors of his generation started their acting career from Chennai. They all grew up watching great actors like Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth and Chiranjeevi. If not, there is nothing wrong in mentioning the names of famous actors and directors to attract the people there. That’s what Nani did.

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