Nani Dasara: Nani who got on a lorry in Lucknow.. A natural star who served customers at Royal Cafe

Nani Dasara: Nani who got on a lorry in Lucknow.. A natural star who served customers at Royal Cafe
All the South Stars have their eyes on the Pan India market. As Telugu heroes are getting good response in North market, one by one our heroes are moving forward to Hindi audience. Now natural star Nani has joined that list. His latest movie is ‘Dasara’. Believing that this story has the potential to entertain the audience at the pan India level, Nani is releasing his film in multiple languages ​​across the country for the first time.

The movie ‘Dasara’ starring Keerthy Suresh is releasing on 30th of this month in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam along with Telugu. As the release date neared, Nani focused on the promotion of the film. As part of this, the trailer of ‘Dussehra’ was released today. The trailer was released in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, to attract the attention of the North audience towards this film. The trailer launch event was held today at Pratibha Theater in the city. Nani, producer Cherukuri Sudhakar and actor Dixit Shetty participated in this event.

Nani got into the lorry at Pratibha Theatre

Nani’s arrival created a buzz in Lucknow. Movie lovers gave a warm welcome to Nani. Nani got into a lorry at Pratibha Theater and brought a wave of excitement to the audience. After the trailer launch, along with Nani, producer Cherukuri Sudhakar and actor Dixit Shetty interacted with the media. He answered the questions asked by the representatives of the Hindi media.

Later, Nani went to famous restaurant Royal Cafe in Lucknow with his ‘Dussehra’ team. A special chat was tasted there. Moreover, while the chef was explaining in the restaurant, Nani himself prepared the chat. It was served to some customers who came to the restaurant. These scenes have now gone viral on social media. Until now, all the heroes went to Mumbai for promotion in the Hindi market, but Nani went to Lucknow differently and turned everyone’s eyes towards him. It must be said that this idea has worked.

Nani in Royal Cafe Lucknow

Nani at Royal Cafe

Coming to the trailer of ‘Dussehra’, the two minutes and 14 seconds long trailer was extraordinary with intense action, emotions, top class performance, unique backdrop and high production values. If the teaser presents the role of Dharani (Nani), the theatrical trailer introduces all the leading characters and their character traits. Also, the background of the movie was shown interestingly. Dharani is an alcoholic. He steals coal from trains for a living. When life is going smoothly an incident brings hardship. Dharani then decides to turn against the powerful people. This is the story line of ‘Dussehra’. The audience is going to see a new nanny through this movie. March 30 will hit the silver screen.
Dasara Trailer: Tents are raised under the canopy.

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