Nandamuri Kalyan Ram : Srinivasa Reddy who leaked the main point of ‘Bimbisara 2’

Not to mention the excitement of success. Bimbisara film unit situation is same now. The entire team is enjoying the success. This recently released film has got a super hit talk. At the same time, another talk is doing the rounds in the cine circles. That is.. When will the movie Bimbisara 2 go on the sets. Bimbisara 2 will be a sequel to Bimbisara, the hero Nandamuri Kalyan ram has already said. Director Vassistha.

As Bimbisara became a hit, fans and viewers are asking the unit when Bimbisara 2 will hit the screens. Recently, Srinivasa Reddy, who played a key role in Bimbisara, was asked the same question about Bimbisara 2 and said an interesting thing. “My role will be in Bimbisara 2. You have to ask Kalyan Ramgari and the director. It remains to be seen whether Kalyan Ram’s character can survive with Sanjeevini” said Srinivasa Reddy.

Kalyan Ram’s role in Bimbisara will end. Showed as dead. But with the intention that the film will have continuity, a point is shown that Sanjeevi will survive with the plant before that. In the second part, it seems that a clarity has been given on the fact that Kalyan will save Ram with Sanjeevini’s plant.

Hari Krishna produced K Bimbisara under NTR Arts banner. It is a film where visual effects are preferred. Catherine Tresa and Samyukta Menon are the heroines.

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