Nandamuri Kalyan ram : ‘Bimbisara’ will be released in OTT only.. Dil Raju clearly said

There has been no hit in the Telugu film industry for almost two months. There are rumors that the audience is not coming to the theatres. But the movies Bimbisara (Bimbisara) and SitaRamam (SitaRamam) released last Friday have proved that if the movies with good content are in the theatres, the audience will definitely come. Bimbisara movie broke even within three days of its release. At the same time, the producers have decided not to release the films in OTTs immediately if they are successful in the context of the ongoing strike.

Now Bimbisara movie has made a deal in OTT before taking that decision. And will the producer of Bimbisara act according to the decision of the producers’ council or will it be released in OTT as per the pre-arranged deal? Everyone waited with interest. But Bimbisara producer Harikrishna K (Hari Krishna K) said that he will abide by the decision of the producers’ council. That means Bimbisara movie will be released in OTT after 50 days. Dil Raju, one of the top producers of Tollywood, has revealed this matter.

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Bimbisara film was distributed by Dil Raju. In the press meet of the success of the film, he talked to the producer of the film Harikrishna and explained the decision of the producers’ board and convinced them to release the film Bimbisara in OTT after 50 days. According to that calculation, the movie ‘Bimbisara’ will be available on OTT (Bimbisara OTT release date) on 23rd September.

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