Nandamuri hero says Kalyan Ram’s reaction to Chiranjeevi’s comments on directors..

Hero and producer Kalyan Ram is gearing up to greet the Telugu audience on August 5 with the movie ‘Bimbisara’. He is busy with promotional activities on this occasion. In this background, when some journalists questioned about the current situation in Tollywood, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram said, “When the teaser of our movie ‘Bimbisara’ was released, there was ‘Magadheera’. After the release of the trailer, it is said that it is like ‘Baahubali’. Now they say ‘Aditya 369’. Anyway, I’m happy. Because whatever comparisons are being made, they are all the best movies in the Telugu film industry. At the time of starting the movie ‘Bimbisara’ we thought of a budget. But the digital space has grown since the pandemic. That value has increased a lot for Telugu movies. Based on that, we have slightly increased our budget,” he said.

Why are people not coming to theaters? Kalyan Ram said, “I don’t see the lack of people coming to the theaters as a problem. Because why people watched Major and Vikram movies in theatres.

If the audience likes the content we provide before the release of the movie, they will surely come. If talk comes to Bavunda, they come in droves. This happens all the time. But most of the people who are outside say that they will not come. I can’t believe people are not coming to theatres. Telugu audience has no entertainment beyond movies. But it is enough to do it with a story that they like. To put it simply, why did Vikram’s film play again?” However, he did not respond to the shooting bandh in the film industry. He said that he is not related.

Kalyan Ram also responded to Chiranjeevi’s comments that directors are not coming up with proper scripts. Chiranjeevigaru’s comments are his opinion. “I don’t know what Chiranjeevigaru was originally,” he said.

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