Naga Chaitanya: A new change in Naga Chaitanya’s life after the breakup!

Breakup is known to bring big change in everyone’s life. Many things change in business style, in understanding situations and reacting to them. Recently similar changes have been observed in the case of Nagachaitanya. Nagachaitanya was in a coma for a few days after his marriage to Samantha was terminated. His ‘breakup’ did not immediately appear fully on social media as he had not been much active on social media before.

But now the situation has changed. As mentioned earlier, Nagachaitanya used social media sparingly. Occasionally posted. Now it is understood that Chaitu is being used well for film promotion. Recently, father and son joked about ‘Bangarraju’ on social media. In fact, this change in the hand started from the movie ‘Love Story’. The rush increased as he approached the ‘Golden King’. ‘Bangarraju’ movie campaign started heroine Kriti Shetty photo was first released.

As a teaser, a poster was put up saying ‘We will show Nagalakshmi tomorrow’. Nagarjuna replied, ‘Everything is OK, when is Bangaraju?’ Asked. Chaitu called it ‘Ladies’ First ‘and gave the fans’ entertainment stuff. Seeing this, fans think Chaitu is back on track. His close acquaintances say that the original hand is similar. That means we are now looking at the original hand.

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