My name is Srilekha.. When the witness came, ‘Lekha’ was cut and ‘Reddy’ was inserted: What did Sri Reddy say?

If you mention Sri Reddy’s name, many people in Tollywood tremble. In the meantime, Sri Reddy, who was engrossed in Chennai, would come to Hyderabad from time to time to settle things. Sri Reddy, who recently went into depression and recovered, has now returned to Hyderabad. With this, she started doing Mark style interviews again. Lately, Srireddy, who has been rocking YouTube by spinning the ladle with Srireddy style village dishes, is increasing his followers. Many people who used to say Yak Tu.. are getting addicted to Sri Reddy’s cuisine. Cooking is not just about turning a ladle.. Sri Reddy gets millions of views on YouTube by showing her huge beauty as a bonus to make the viewers mouth watering.

If not.. There are various news about Sri Reddy’s assets, her caste, her name, but she has previously responded by showing her Aadhaar card to those who criticized that Sri Reddy is not a real Redde. The same topic came up in the latest interview. What is your real name? Mr. Red? When a reporter asked if she was Srilekha, she told the truth.

It is Sri Reddy Nene.. Srilekha Nene.. After coming to Sakshi Channel, PKC Reddy put the letter.. she said the real thing laughing. Sri Reddy started her career as an anchor on Sakshi channel. After that she also worked as an anchor in NTV channel. But NTV-Bhakti channel is the second one.. Since they are in the same place.. One of the people who come to Bhakti channel looks at his sign and changes his name to Sri Reddy. Since then, Mr. Reddy has been stalking PKC.. Reddy.

If you come to Reddygari channel, is Reddvi over? When the reporter asked Srirekha.. ‘You who asked this question.. Those working in Sakshi know that I am Reddy.. I also showed my Aadhaar. Do you see it too? Aadhaar is not a lie, is it? If I show my Aadhaar now, will it be shown on TV’, challenged Sri Reddy. With this, the reporter went to the next topic as if he believed it. Did you know from this.. What is Sri Reddy alias Srilekha!!

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