Murali Mohan: Murali Mohan who sang Krishna Pade.. Such is the friendship between the two

Superstar Krishna’s song was sung by his childhood friend Murali Mohan. From Padmalaya Studio to Jubilee Hills Mahaprasthanam, Krishna’s last journey went. Murali Mohan, who joined the fans on foot in that final journey, took the initiative and sang the song in Mahaprasthan. Along with him, TDP leader Buddha Venkanna also sang a song and expressed his friendship with Krishna.

Murali Mohan was familiar with Krishna before entering the industry. He himself said this.. “We both were classmates in CR Reddy College while studying intermediate in 1956. In other words, benchmarks too. Both of them sit on the first bench in the classroom. Since then our interest in movies increased along with our friendship. At that time, Krishna had the hope of becoming a film actor and buying a big car like a boat. Krishna decided to become an actor after seeing Akkineni Nageswara Rao. After that, after two years of hard work, he made his debut as a hero with the film Mekh Manasulu,” Murali Mohan recalled.

Talking about the friendship between the two, “We are together in difficult and happy times. He used to go to every birthday and wish. Wherever they meet, they talk warmly. “Krishna’s health seems to be serious, but I didn’t expect him to die so soon,” said Murali Mohan, who became emotional.

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