Masooda Teaser.. Nani help for small movie

natural star nani-masooda teaser ‘Masooda’ is the third film under Swadharm Entertainment, which has become a successful banner with the films ‘Malli Raava’ and ‘Agent Saisrinivasa Atreya’. While the already released title look poster got a tremendous response, natural star Nani released the teaser of the film on Tuesday.

He said that the teaser is promising and everyone seems to have put their lives into this film, and if you watch the teaser, you will feel like, let’s watch the movie sometime.. He wished the film unit. Producer Rahul Yadav Nakka, who introduced Gautam Tinnanuri and Swarup to Tollywood with the first two films, is introducing another new director named Saikiran to the industry with this film, which is taking shape in the horror drama genre.

Thiruveer, who has impressed as an actor in films like George Reddy and Palasa, is playing the lead role in this film. Kavya Kalyanram, who entertained as a child actress in the film ‘Gangotri’, is being introduced as the heroine in this film. Senior actress Sangeeta is playing the most important role.

Visuals, dialogues and action are all in the teaser. Looks like Masoodah is going to be a horror suspense thriller.
On the occasion of the release of the teaser, producer Rahul Yadav Nakka said. I am very happy that he liked the teaser. This third film coming in our company will also entertain the audience well.

We are introducing the director named Saikiran with this film. The way Saikiran directed this film.. will please all the audience. Thanks to the actors, technicians and all those who have contributed to the film. He said that the trailer of the film and the details regarding the release of the movie will be announced soon.

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