Margani Bharat – I will act in 10 films as a hero if I wish.. All will be super hits: MP Bharat

Margani Bharat – I will act in 10 films as a hero if I wish.. All will be super hits: MP Bharat
Rajamahendravaram MP Margani Bharat Ram said that he can act as a hero in a good movie if he wants to. Bharat spoke in this way while rejecting MP Raghuramakrishna Raju’s criticism of him as a ‘one-shot actor’. He said that he would give a comedian role to Raghuramakrishna Raju in his film. To this extent, he spoke to the media in Rajamahendravaram on Thursday.

‘Raghuramakrishnaraja was doing something yesterday. He is talking about being a one-shot actor. If I want, I can act as a hero in a good movie. This is not a big space. I can take 10 pictures if not a single picture. People accept me for my face glamour. If you want, I will give you a role too. Don’t you wash Gochi? There is no actor bigger than you. No one has forgotten Arita’s story yet. Even his fellow non-Telugu MPs in the Parliament are watching his acting torn. You are more of a comedy star.. less of a useless star. Bharat countered by saying ‘Know all this first’.

Bharat said that he would be able to act as a hero in 10 films and make those ten films super hits. ‘It is not a big deal for me to ask permission from Jaganmohan Reddy to make films. I am a single film actor.. I can do 10 films. I can do it under Superstar. I have that talent. There is talent in all fields. How are you? “Keep your mouth under control,” Bharat snapped.

However, netizens are making various comments on social media on MP Bharat’s comments. Some people are commenting that sir seems to be well-burnt.. that’s why he is saying big words that he is a superstar. A netizen made a funny comment saying that Puri Jagannath is empty due to lack of heroes.. Call him and give him a chance. Another netizen made a sarcastic comment saying that you should be the hero in ‘KGYF 3’. There are many such comments.

Meanwhile, Margani Bharat was introduced as a hero with the movie ‘Oi Ninne’. However, this movie failed to entertain the audience. Many people don’t know that the original film was made with Bharat as the hero. As this movie turned out to be a disaster, Bharat got no opportunities from the industry. With this he entered politics. He contested for the Lok Sabha from Rajamahendravaram and won. He gained good popularity as a youth leader.

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