Manoj Mounika Marriage: Manchu Manoj-Bhuma Mounika cohabitation.. Their relationship is not what it is now.. The whole story is revealed

For some time now, the news that Manchu Manoj and Bhuma Maunika Reddy are going to get married has been doing the rounds. Recently these two participated in puja activities as a couple and their secret relationship came out. And Manoj also said that he will tell me the matter soon on a good day.

But former MLA Gone Prakash Rao has revealed many interesting facts regarding the secret relationship of these two. In an interview given to a popular YouTube channel, he said.. The Manchu family and the Bhuma family have had relations since time immemorial. She has been in a relationship since before her first marriage. This is not wrong.. It has been there since the time of the gods. There are many things like married people breaking up, being in love and marrying other people. There is a relationship between Bhuma Mounika and Manoj since time immemorial.. At one stage they even wanted to get married. But the parents did not agree. Bhuma Nagireddy and Shobhanagi Reddy did not agree to their marriage.

Later she got another marriage.. After getting a divorce with the birth of a son, she cohabits with Manoj. It is a well-known fact that Manoj-Maunika are living together. Their family members.. few lakhs of their family members know about this. Many people in Kurnool, Allagadda and Hyderabad know this. Until recently, both of them were living together in Chennai.. Now they have shifted to Hyderabad. Manoj’s parents were convinced. Mohan Babu’s first wife has two.. Vishnu and Lakshmi. Manoj was born to the second wife. The second wife is not the first wife’s sister. The mother convinced the father.. So Manoj-Mounikal is sure to get married one day. There is no doubt about it.

Gone Prakash Rao

I don’t know what quarrels happened with Manoj’s first wife but.. there is no relationship between them for two years.. they got divorced. Gone Prakash Rao said that he is ready for his second marriage with Maunika as they are legally separated.

Meanwhile, both Manchu Manoj and Maunika Reddy got married separately in 2015. Manoj married Praniti.. Maunika Reddy.. She married a man named Ganesh Reddy. But the twist here is.. Manchu Manoj attends Maunika Reddy’s wedding.

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