Man is the meanest and meanest animal among all animals.. While a girl wanders alone in the middle of the night: Krishtavamsi

Creative director Krishtavanshi, who ignited patriotism with the movie ‘Khadgam’, said what real freedom is. On the occasion of Independence Day.. Kristavamshi spoke to a popular YouTube channel and gave meaning to independence in his own style.

He said.. I have covered half of the countries in the globe.. Many highlight slavery.. There are Indians in the British rule system.. There are Indians in the military system. Mangal Pandey came from there… our people also worked with them. Our people also used to go to England to study. Ambedkar, Gandhi, Chandra Bose but they were the ones who studied there. This division should not come.. If everyone thinks the same there is no conflict.

Slavery changed course. The tussle for power is timeless. It has been there since the primitive man. Mahatma Gandhi said that true freedom is when a girl turns alone in the middle of the night. Now the girls are roaming around not till midnight.. they are doing jobs. And why do we think that there is no freedom?

There are always some widows.. scoundrels.. demons. Out of all the animals, the meanest animal.. the meanest animal is man.. There are good people and bad people. Atrocities are being committed against girls due to some scoundrels. It does not mean that they cannot move on the roads. They are doing great. Not only in this country.. in other countries too our girls are going alone and doing jobs. Why are we not seeing them? Why are we thinking negatively?

When some incidents happen, everyone should condemn it.. Those responsible should be punished. It is wrong to say that the whole country is like this. There is no need for the tribe to be upset that the girl did not wander on the road in the middle of the night. It is good anywhere.. in any country.. there is nothing wrong with that. A Britisher who knew the greatness of the father of the Indian nation.. made a great film.. also Shekhar Kapur made a film called ‘Elizabeth’ about the mother of the British nation.. that film was a big hit.. even went to Oscar. The matter here is not the country, but the people,’ said creative director Krishtavanshi.

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