Malli Pelli – ‘Malli Pelli’ will explode like an atom bomb.. will shock: Naresh

Malli Pelli – ‘Malli Pelli’ will explode like an atom bomb.. will shock: Naresh
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Senior actor VK Naresh says that the movie ‘Malli Pelli’ will explode like an atomic bomb. It is said that this film will shock the audience in the theatres. This film starring Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh is coming to the audiences tomorrow. Directed by popular producer MS Raju, this movie has already gone well with the masses. With this, the film unit hopes that the openings will be rushed tomorrow. This movie is produced by Naresh himself under Vijaykrishna Movies banner. There are claims that Malicha has turned his own story into a film to celebrate his golden jubilee in the industry. However, whether this is Naresh-Pavitra Lokesh’s real story or not will be known in the theaters tomorrow. To this extent, VK Naresh spoke to the media on Thursday.

I was lucky to start my journey as an actor with the movie ‘Pandanti Kapuram’ at the age of nine. At the age of 18, I became a hero with ‘Nalugu Sambhalata’. You know my journey as an actor, producer and studio owner. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Vijay Krishna Movies, on the occasion of the 50th year of my film career, it is my good fortune to come together and do the film ‘Malli Pelli’ again as the protagonist,’ Naresh revealed.

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Naresh said that his mother Vijayanirmala founded the Vijaykrishna Movies banner in 1972. He said that he started this banner along with superstar Krishna with the intention of showing her ideas in movies. Many revolutionary films like ‘Meena’ and ‘Kavita’ were made under this banner. They said that if they start Vijaykrishna Movies again, they want to come up with another sensational and revolutionary film. He said that this movie will entertain as well as shock everyone.

Naresh said that marriage is very sacred. He said that there was a lot of buzz among the youth about this movie made in Telugu and Kannada languages. It is said that ‘Malli Pelli’ has content that connects to all age groups. He said that he is confident that the buzz on this movie will convert into tickets. He said that the bookings are already full. Naresh expressed hope that Vijaykrishna’s movies will have a big hit with decent openings.

Talking about the lip lock video with Pavitra Lokesh, Naresh made it clear that it is related to their personal life. “We don’t intend to do something gimmicky and cheat the audience. On the one hand, while the shooting is going on.. some evil spirits have spread false propaganda. We wanted to give them a blast. Pavitra, I wanted to say that we are living together. That’s when we released that lip lock video. That’s why no names were given on that video. But they got a lot of buzz across the country. There is no gimmick in this. There is still a lot of shocking content in the movie. ‘Remarriage’ explodes like an atom bomb. Entertains. It gives a shock’ said Naresh.

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