Mahesh’s comments on superstar Krishna biopic go viral .. Clarity once again on Bollywood entry

The biopics trend in Indian cinema has been going on for some years. Players who have made a name for the country .. Politicians who have served the people .. People who have excelled in other fields. They also got popular. Not to mention the celebrities of Maina Tollywood. The news about the biopic of another legendary actor superstar Krishna from Tollywood in this cove has been heard for days. If his son asks superstar Mahesh on the same subject .. ” He is my God. I will not try to make a film with his story. If anyone wants to make a film, I will produce it, ”he said.

The comments went viral on social media after Mahesh said this about his father’s biopic. In the same vein, Mahesh also clarified about his Bollywood entry once again. He talked about his Bollywood entry many times till this year. In the rising tide of Pan India movies, he was once again faced with the question of a Bollywood entry. However, he simply decided that he had no intention of going to Bollywood.


Now Mahesh is full busy as a hero and producer. The film, which stars Owaipu as the production partner and starrer, will be released on May 12. Fans and audiences are eagerly waiting for this movie. On the other hand, the major film starring Mahesh as the producer and Adivi Shesh as the hero will be released on June 3. The film is based on the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was killed in the Mumbai terror attacks.