Mahesh Babu’s movie audition.. the heroine who walked out crying.. what did she do next!

Mahesh Babu’s movie audition.. the heroine who walked out crying.. what did she do next!
Superstar Mahesh’s movie auditions are going on. The director-producers asked who should be selected as the heroine, and a girl from Mumbai gave auditions. The director could not do the task given by the producers properly and came out crying. You should stay away from movies. She decided that making a desk would be enough. But do you know what the woman who came out crying like that in Mahesh’s movie auditions did! She acted in movies again. That too with star heroes like Chiranjeevi and NTR.. So far she is not who she is.. Sameera Reddy.

Sameera Reddy told about the fact that Mahesh went to an audition for a film and came out crying because he couldn’t do it well. “In 1998, I went for the first audition. The hero of that movie is Mahesh Babu. I could not do the task given in the audition. I came from there crying. I decided to go for whatever desk job I did before that. After some time I got courage and acted bravely in a private album. Sameera Reddy shared a photo remembering the early days of her career.

After seeing that photo, the netizens asked questions like ‘So you should go to the auditions for a Mahesh movie’. Some netizens are commenting that Rajkumar has gone to the cinema. Sameera Reddy made her entry into Tollywood with Narasimhudu. Later she acted in Jai Chiranjeeva and Ashok. Now she is staying away from films after marrying a businessman named Akshay Varde. But Sameera Reddy is very active in social media. She shares photos and videos with her husband and children.

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