mahesh babu: NTR: Fans kick kick .. NTR in one frame, Mahesh .. Pawan Kalyan in the middle – pawan kalyan, mahesh babu and ntr in single frame at evaru meelo devoteeswarulu


  • Pawan, Mahesh, NTR in the same frame
  • Who among you billionaires is the celebrity buzz in the last episode
  • Festival for Pans

Do two eyes fit to see the trinity? Certainly not. What I’m going to mention here is not about the creators. Those three star heroes are not someone else. Powerstar Pavin Kalyan, Superstar Mahesh, Young Tiger NTR. What if these three appear in the same frame? A big festival for the fans. The desire of the fans will be fulfilled soon. Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh, NTR They are going to appear in a frame and share the joy with the fans. Not in movies yet. The news that the three of them are going to appear on the television frame is making headlines.

Going into the real thing, the show ‘Who among you is a millionaire’ airing on Gemini TV as an NTR commentator. Celebrities along with commoners are also participating in this show. As far as celebrities are concerned, people like Ramcharan, Koratala Siva, Rajamouli and Samantha have participated so far. The original show started with Ramcharan. With the relationship formed by NTR and Charan in the movie RRR, who among you is the millionaire who made Charan the first guest on the show and won millions of rupees? Mahesh is also on this list of celebrities. The entire filming for this has ever been completed. The episode will air live on Gemini TV soon. Everything is fine. But now the news that Pawan Kalyan has also joined the list is a no-brainer.

It is alleged that Mahesh phoned Pawan Kalyan as a friend to support a question asked by NTR. But it will take a few days to find out the truth behind the news that Nettinta is hearing. If a thousand is true, it will not turn out to the delight of the fans. If that happened then there would be no doubt that the billionaire program among you would break the television TRP ratings. This is the second television program hosted by NTR since the first season of Bigg Boss. Once again, NTR has brought show glamor in its own style, saying that the game is mine. It is learned that a police officer named Raja Ravindra recently participated in this program and won crores of rupees.

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