Maanas in Bigg Boss: Why did Manas come into the danger zone ..?

There are currently a total of 8 people in the Bigg Boss House. One of them must be eliminated this week. Some people have no doubt according to the voting. However, the top 5 will depend on who gets into the nominations this time. Currently Pinky, Siri, Kajal and Ravi are in the Danger Zone. Manas is the captain so did not get into the nominations this time. However, it is here that next week i.e. the 13th week will definitely have a chance to get into the Manas nominations. Whether one of Siri or Pinky wants to be eliminated this week, it remains to be seen who will make it into next week’s nominations.

Bigg Boss Lovers seems to be dependent on Batte Top 5 for this. If Siri is safe this week and Pinky is gone, the game will be even more juicy. Because, the 13th week definitely runs the Race to the Finale task. The top 5 will change completely if Siri gets a finale ticket in this task. Then Manas, Ravi and Kajal will be in the danger zone. According to the voting, Kajal Awar will be the contestant of the week. But, looking at the unofficial polls, Kajal has surpassed Manas for the past few weeks. Then Manas is in the danger zone.

Because, standard voting for Ravi is going on. If Siri is also in the nominations here, Shanmuk’s votes will go to Siri. Because, Shanmuk is the captain this week so he will not be in the next week nominations. So, Siri avaram becomes safe. Then all that was left was Manas. If Manas is eliminated, he will definitely be safe if he uses the Sunny Eviction Pass or will not be in the top-5. Netizens say that even if the 13th week is safe, the next week will be difficult for Manas.

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