Lucky Lakshman: I struggled for 12 years.. I walked around like my shoes were worn out.. Bigg Boss fame Sohail’s emotional speech

“In the industry, if we call for events, anyone can come…or not. Even if they come, they don’t speak from the heart. But not so fans. They took care of me in their hearts,” said Bigg Boss fame hero Sohel. He acted in the film ‘Lucky Lakshman’. The teaser of this movie has been released. In this program, Sohail became very emotional seeing his fans. “I am moved to tears when I see the love shown by the fans. But if you cry, you think you are doing action. That’s why I am speaking while controlling my tears. I have struggled to reach this level. I struggled for 12 to 13 years. I walked around like my sandals were worn out. I came here from a small level.

Today, seeing the response of the audience to the teaser of Lucky Laxman, in which I am the hero, I am speechless. Fans are my courage. Loved fans are kept in their hearts. Fans came from everywhere. I was surprised to know that. . We have done as much as we can for the film. Lucky Laxman will be released as the first film after coming out of Bigg Boss. Our producer Haritha Gogineni is a producer with guts. Abhigaru mixes all the elements well and is enjoyed by the whole family. Thanks to editor Praveen Poodigari and music director Anupgari. We have come to this level from a very small stage. All we know is acting. We are planning to release the movie on December 30. I will struggle even more,” he said.

Four films are being made with Sohail of Bigg Boss fame as the hero. The movie Lucky Laxman will come first. Haritha Gogineni produced the film under the direction of AR Abhi. The makers are planning to release the movie on December 30. Bigg Boss fame Sunny, Akhil Sarthak and Mehboob members of the film unit participated in the teaser release of this movie. Moksha plays the heroine. It doesn’t matter if the movie doesn’t get big collections. But.. Producer Haritha Gogineni said that it is enough to get appreciations for making a good film. Abhi says that the whole family will sit together and watch the movie.

Sohel: Bigg Boss Sohail as ‘Lucky Laxman’.. Teaser is here

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