Latest Telugu Movies : These are the new Telugu movies that are going to hit the theaters today!

Movies Releasing today: From Bollywood to Tollywood… On Friday, the theaters are full of new movies. Five new movies are releasing in Telugu today. There is no big hero movie in it. But.. the producers and directors of the films said that they are coming with good content in the pre-release events. Let’s see what movies will please the audience today!

1. Urvasivo Rakshasivo (Urvasivo Rakshasivo): In this movie Allu Sirish played the hero. Emanuel did it for the first time as his couple. Directed by Rakesh Shashi, this movie is hitting the theaters today as a love and romantic entertainer. Nandamuri Balakrishna’s presence at the pre-release event of this movie increased the hype of the movie.

2. Bomma Blockbuster (Bomma Blockbuster): This is the movie where Nandhu played the hero again after many days. Looking for a hit as a hero, Nandu is going to look a bit rough in this movie. He is paired with Rashmi Gautam. Directed by Raj Virat. Naga Shaurya came as the chief guest for the pre-release event of this movie. But.. Jabardasth fame Sudheer’s words about Rashmi on stage.. her emotional way made the discussion about this movie on social media.

3. Like Share And Subscribe: Santosh Shobhan and Faria Abdullah acted in this movie. Nani came to the prerelease event of this movie directed by Merlapaka Gandhi. Nani’s flips to match Faria Abdullah’s height on stage went viral on social media. With that, the promotion of the movie also went to the audience.

4. Thaggedhe Le: Naveen Chandra and Naina Ganguly acted in this movie. Directed by Srinivas Raju, the movie was discussed at the pre-release event when Raja Ravindra made a comment about anchor Shyamalani as ‘aunty’. To which she countered saying that I am aunty but you have chosen grandfather.

5. Aksham (Aakasham): Movie Aksham is coming to the theaters silently. Raw Karthik is the director of this movie starring Ashok Selvan and Ritu Varma.

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