Krishnam Raju Last Rites: Krishnam Raju foretold who would perform his last rites

The last rites of film actor and former Union Minister Krishnam Raju will be performed at a farmhouse in Kanaka Mamidi near Moinabad. But since Krishna Raja had no sons, there was a discussion about who would perform the last rites. Meanwhile.. Prabhas brother Prabodh will perform the last rites. The family members said that Prabhod Krishnamraj, the eldest son of the family, will be beheaded.

But before Krishna Raja died, he talked about who should perform the rites for him. Krishnamraju, who participated in the ABN Open Heart with RK program at that time, is now going viral. Top trending on YouTube.

The gist of his video is that…Krishnamraj had two wives…the first wife died in an accident. They had a daughter..Krishnam Raju conducted the daughter’s wedding very grandly at that time. After that, Krishna Raju married Shyamala Devi for the second time. They have three daughters. After waiting for their son, the wish of the Krishna Raja couple was not fulfilled. But Krishnamraju said that the lack of having no sons was compensated by his elder sons Prabhas and Prabhod.

He said that he follows the Hindu Dharma. He learned about the rituals that take place after death through the book Soul of the Death. In an interview to RK, Krishnan Raju said that if something like that happens… he does not feel that he has no sons… Since his brother has two sons… They are also like my sons… Krishnan Raju said in an interview to RK that they will perform the rituals.

Krishnamraj’s last rites.. Beheaded Prabodh

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