Krishnam Raju: It was Manchu Vishnu who asked me to contest our elections

Vishnu Manchu, the president of ‘Ma’ said that he contested as the president of our association because of rebel star Krishnam Raju (Krishnam Raju). Krishnamraj’s condolence meeting was held at Film Nagar on Tuesday. On this occasion, Vishnu remembered his association with Krishna. “I did not think that I would hold such a meeting as the president of Movie Artiste Association. Krishnamraju’s death is very unfortunate. I used to go to their house from the time I was born. He is the one who comes to our house.

No matter what function I went to, wherever I went, when Krishnamraju came, RR was different in the background. Always stood straight. Everyone listens when he speaks. Krishnamraju uncle first called me and said that I should stand as the president of Movie Artist Association. ‘Rey this time you are standing’ he said. Even if my father didn’t want it.. he was forced to compete. After Dasari Narayan, I loved Krishnamraju so much..

I met him a month ago. We used to give him a report of everything happening in our association by the 10th of every month. They prepare reports very carefully. We used to do things quickly because we were afraid of him. We have prepared the report for the 8th of this month. But I told him that everything should be perfect when he goes to that elder.. otherwise he will be scolded. We thought we will set everything in five days and go. This happened earlier. He is a legend. Even if he is not physically with us, he will stay with us forever with his memories and movies..” said Vishtu.

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