Krishna takes a breath.. Fans pray: Naresh

It is known that Natasekhara and Superstar Krishna have been admitted to the hospital due to serious illness. 79-year-old Krishna suffered a heart attack last night. His family members admitted him to Continental Hospital in Jubilee Hills. Since then he is being treated in the intensive care unit. Krishna has recovered from the cardiac arrest, but the doctors of the Continental Hospital have already revealed that his condition is critical as the functioning of the rest of his organs has slowed down. Continental Hospital Chairman and Managing Director Dr Guru N Reddy spoke to the media on Monday evening.

Dr. Guru N Reddy revealed that Krishna’s health condition is still critical.. Nothing can be said after 48 hours. He said that he is currently being treated on a ventilator. He said that there was no significant change in his health condition in the evening as compared to the morning. He said that a team of 8 doctors is treating Krishna. Although Krishna was admitted to the hospital due to heart attack, some organs like kidney and liver were also damaged, but his condition turned critical. He clarified that all kinds of specialist doctors are closely monitoring Krishna’s health condition. Tomorrow morning he will come before the media again.

Still critical.. Continental Hospital MD Dr. Krishna’s health condition. Guru N Reddy

On the other hand, Vijayanirmala’s son and senior actor VK Naresh also spoke to the media about Krishna’s health condition. Krishna’s health condition is critical but stable, he said. He made it clear that the doctors are giving the same amount of medication as they gave in the morning.. there is no increase in it. He said that Krishna is breathing occasionally. Naresh asked the fans to pray to God as they hope that he will return safely. Naresh said that even after 48 hours, we cannot come to an opinion.

Naresh said that Superstar Krishna was daring and dashing not only in real life but also in reel life.. No one did as many struggles and brought as many changes as he did. They said that till yesterday, Krishna did not have any health problems.. He was very healthy. If not, it is believed that heart attack can occur in some people due to age. He said that Krishna is a fighter.. He is confident that he will definitely recover from this illness.

Critical but stable.. VK Naresh on Krishna’s health condition

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