Krishna Raja wanted to die like that.. but in the end

There is a kingdom in his name. The six-foot statue.. the elegance that is short of height.. when he sees an unknown rage in his eyes. He is Krishnam Raju. Actually, Krishnamraj likes photography more than movies. So he started Royal Studio in Hyderabad. Worked as a journalist for a few days. Later, with the encouragement of friends, actor Avudamani reached Chennai. After entering the field of acting with the help of Pratyagatma, Krishnan Raju never looked back. Apart from being a hero, he also played key roles and villain roles.

He used to get along with everyone. They do not show anger towards anyone. That’s why everyone called him a mortal enemy. He acted with his contemporaries Krishna and Sobhan Babu. He impressed with his acting in many films like Amardeepam, Bhakta Kannappa, Tandra Paparayudu, Bobbili Brahmanna, Kattakatala Rudrayya. Don’t disagree with anyone. This quality made him close to everyone both in politics and in movies.

Is there anything else you need to accomplish in an interview Krishnamraj? If you ask… I sat under a green tree at the end of my life and put my hand on my heart, I did not betray anyone in this life that was given to me. He said that he should close his eyes with the thought that no one has suffered because of me. He really did not trouble anyone with his words and actions. Usually some movie celebrities are involved in some kind of controversies. But those who stayed away from such controversies wanted to close their eyes in the shadow of Krishna Raja’s nature. But finally he died in the hospital.

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