KGF 3 Confirm .. The producer who has ever said release .. Poonakale to the fans

Not only to gain the attention of the movie audience in the Pan India range .. KGF is the film that rewrote the records at the box office in the same range. When the two parts of this movie came to the front of the audience .. those two films were not only to entertain the audience .. they became blockbusters. In particular, KGF 2, which was released on April 14, has already grossed nearly Rs 1200 crore. However, director Prashant Neil concluded by saying that KGF 2 will be released on the same day as KGF 2. However, those who thought that Yash showed up dead and that there was no more KGF 3 did not.

But news of KGF 3 continues to circulate on social media. On one occasion, Prashant Neil said that he and Yash had already discussed various scenes related to KGF 3. Producer Vijay Kiragandur, head of Home Films, clarified the latest news. He said that the shooting of KGF 3 movie will start in the same year. We are planning to release KGF 3 in 2024. “We want to continue the KGF franchise in the style of the Hollywood movie Marvel Universal,” he said.


Those who saw the KGF 2 movie ending got the impression that the KGF 3 story was in India. The ending of the hero character..scenes like the killing of the main villain Adhira character with the heroine Srinidhi Shetty means that the KGF 3 pattern is new. It will take a few days to find out how director Prashant Neil came up with the idea for KGYF Chapter 3.