Karthikeya 2 Movie: Brother you have me!.. Manchu Vishnu Anda for Nikhil.. Netizens trolling

Everyone knows about the trolling of Manchu Vishnu (vishnu manchu) on social media. Manchu Vishnu’s work and posts as our president are also satirized. Recently, Manchu Vishnu has been receiving various comments on his support of Nikhil. Karthikeya 2 (karthikeya 2) is sad about the experiences of Nikhil. Nikhil lamented that he is not getting theaters and is fed up with politics in the film industry.

Nikhil is getting support from people in this regard. In this order Manchu Vishnu posted a tweet. He came forward saying I am there. Netizens are playing Manchu Vishnu on this matter. You have no direction, will you come? They are making outrageous comments.

Manchu Vishnu tweeted, “My brother Nikhil.. you have me.. I will stand for you forever.. Be brave.. Good content will stand.. That’s a fact that everyone should accept.. I am waiting for Karthikeya 2 so much.” Nikhil was elated by this tweet. Nikhil replied that Vishnu Bhai, your words are giving our team a huge boost.

Manchu Vishnu’s tweet is now being trolled on the net. Son of India 2 update when.. Son of India records should be broken by Karthikeya 2.. They are trolling in various ways. Some people are protesting saying what happened to our building first.

So Manchu Vishnu has once again raised the discussion on the net. And whatever movie Manchu Vishnu tweets about, it turns out to be a disaster.. Will the same be true for Karthikeya 2? Netizens are making comments.

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