Kantara dubbed into another language? In seven languages ​​including Tulu

Kantara Movie is also coming in another language. Released only in Kannada on September 30, the movie became a blockbuster hit with word of mouth that no one expected. It was released on October 15 in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages. Hero cum director Rishab Shetty (Rishabh Shetty) acting and directorial talent of the audience has gone crazy. With that, Kantara bagged record collections irrespective of the language.

Looking at Kantara’s records? The budget of this movie is only Rs.15 crores. But.. this movie collected more than Rs. 400 crores worldwide. Kantara, which earned Rs. 60 crores in Telugu alone, was watched by one crore people in theaters in Karnataka alone. This is an all-time record in that state. Also, this is only the third time that a dubbed movie has collected Rs.60 crores in Telugu. Earlier this record was possible only for Robo and KGF. Similarly, Kantara became the dubbed movie which played in theaters for 50 days in recent times.

Kantara is already in OTT. The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. But.. Kantara is getting ready for theatrical release in two other languages ​​soon. While dubbing this movie in Tulu language, it is going to release on December 2. Similarly, Kantara’s production company Hombale Films hopes to dub and release it in English. Kantara is the first movie from this production company to be dubbed into English.

In fact word of mouth drove the audience towards the theaters for Kantara. Kantara Kabolu is probably the most recent movie that became a blockbuster hit just by word of mouth. Its hero Rishabh Shetty was known only to Kannada audience till this movie. But now he has become the director of Pan India Hero Come. It is expected that this movie will do well in OTT as well.

But.. hit in reverse. Trolls ran on this movie on the first day of its release in OTT. The reason for that is to remove the song ‘Varaha Roopam’ which is the life of the movie and add a new tune. Malayalam’s Theyukudum Bridge Music Band went to court claiming that the song was copied from their ‘Navarasam’. So the song had to be deleted. But the netizens were angry on social media saying that they can’t watch the movie Kantara without that song. However.. after the Kerala court dismissed the Theyukudum Bridge copyright case three days ago, the song ‘Varaha Rumap’ was added again. But.. not done in all languages. In this background, it has to be seen whether Tulu and English will be added.

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