Kangana Ranuat calls India a Jihadi nation

Kangana Ranuat calls India a Jihadi nation
Kangana Ranuat calls India a Jihadi nation

National award winning actress Kangana Ranaut is disappointed after India ‘Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the government has started the process to scrap the controversial farm laws. Manikarnika fame actress Kangana Ranaut took to her microblogging page and wrote: Sad, shameful, absolutely unfair. If the people on the streets have started to make laws and not the chosen government in the Parliament, then even this is a jihadi nation. Congratulations to all who wanted it like this. ”

Today morning Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the Union government has decided to repeal the three farm laws that were passed in the Parliament in 2020, following protests by a section of the country’s farmers.

The farmers in Punjab and Haryana and in some parts of Uttar Pradesh states were protesting for about a year, demanding the repeal of the farm laws despite the Center’s continued efforts to break the logjam.

Not only this, Kangana Ranaut also shared a photograph of late former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and said, “When the conscience of the nation is in deep sleep, lath is the only solution and dictatorship is the only resolution. Happy birthday Madam Prime Minister. ”

Now the people are trolling Kangana Ranaut for her strong words.

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