Kabzaa: Rs. 100 crores in two days.. Upendra ‘Kabza’ fake calculations!

Kabzaa: Rs. 100 crores in two days.. Upendra ‘Kabza’ fake calculations!
Film records used to be based on how many days they played in theaters. They used to ask how many centers a movie played for 50 days.. in how many centers it played for 100 days. But, Ranura’s calculations changed. The number of days the film played in theaters was kept aside as a measure of how much it collected. That’s why the calculations of how much it collected on the first day and how much it earned on the first week were taken into account. Fans of star heroes also like these. They are beating for these.

After the box office collection figures came out, the criticism of fake collections also came well. There is already a war going on among the fans over the box office figures of many super hit movies starring Tollywood star heroes. If your calculations are fake, they will spread dirt on social media saying that your calculations are fake. However, there is a lot of trolling on social media that there is now a fake account like Babu for all of them. That count is not anyone’s.. Kannada real star Upendra’s pan India movie ‘Kabja’.

‘Kabja’ is a huge film directed by R. Chandru with Kiccha Sudeep and Shivrajkumar in guest roles as Upendra. This movie, which is an action drama based on a gangster, was released at the Pan India level. ‘Kabja’ came to the audience on 17th of this month. Apart from the Karnataka issue, the openings of this movie in other languages ​​are also not good. And on the first day, it got disaster talk. The audience and critics said that the movie is not good at all. However, the film unit had success celebrations in Bangalore yesterday. Upendra, R. Chandru and the rest of the film team cut the cake and celebrated in the presence of the fans.

‘Occupy’ is a triumph

So far so good. But, today the poster released by the makers is causing a stir. They printed a poster saying that the movie ‘Kabja’ collected Rs.100 crores in two days. However, many are criticizing it as a complete fake. Till now we have seen fake calculations, but they are spreading rumors that this is the first time in the history of cinema that such an awful fake calculation has been done. The makers, who left a poster saying that they had collected Rs.26 crores on the first day, have collected Rs.100 crores in two days. Many people are asking how this is actually possible. Others say that even the calculation of the first day is wrong.

In Karnataka, this movie collected Rs. 16 crore gross in two days. It is said that it will not be more than Rs.20 crore in all languages. In that case, they are questioning how they spend Rs.80 crore more. In addition to this, they are also making a mistake in promoting it as another proud film for the Kannada industry. However, some Kannada movie lovers and Upendra’s fans are rejecting these criticisms. It is said that the movie ‘Kabja’ is amazing.. It has the ability to collect Rs. 100 crores in two days. And let’s see if the film unit will respond to the controversy of these fake calculations.

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