Interesting comments of Bandla Ganesh on Politics.. She has lost a lot

Producer Bandla Ganesh expressed his grief that he personally suffered a lot due to politics. Bandla Ganesh, who previously campaigned for the Congress party, was very active in Telangana 3-4 years ago. Bandla Ganesh, who expressed confidence that the Congress party will come to power in the 2019 elections, said in an interview that if it does not come, he will cut his throat with a blade. But..the Congress party lost in those elections. That’s why the channel where the interview was conducted rushed to Bandla Ganesh’s house for 2-3 days.

Bandla Ganesh also fell into retrospect after the Congress party did not come to power and there was a lot of trolling on social media over his comments. He gradually stayed away from politics. A month ago, Bandla Ganesh tweeted saying goodbye to politics. The Congress party also seems to have taken the light of Bandla Ganesh for some time now.

Hello.. Due to my family responsibilities, in the background of my joint family members.. I am thinking about the future of our children on their wish. I have decided to stay away from politics due to my current work and business. I have no enmity with any political party. Also no friendship with any party,” Bandla Ganesh tweeted. Moreover, Bandla Ganesh, who was seen only as a producer in the past, has started acting in films again since some time ago.

Bandla Ganesh, who is active on social media, recently answered the questions asked by netizens about politics. The netizen recalled the way he had quarreled with AP minister Roja in the past and said, “I have lost a lot in my life due to politics. I am not affiliated with any political party now. He replied that they are all souls. Another netizen indirectly mentioned the name of Pawan Kalyan saying that those who are ready to lose should come into politics like our boss. He replied that Bandla Ganesh.. He is not as good as me.. He is not even that great brother.

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