Ind Vs SL: India’s defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka.. The problem is the young hero who said it somewhere

Team India’s Asia Cup final hopes were almost dashed as they were defeated by Sri Lanka. India lost both the matches played in the Super-4. This made the equations complicated to reach the final. In the last two matches, India fought till the end and lost. Pakistan scored 26 runs in the last two overs of the match. Sri Lanka lost by 21 runs in the last two overs. Especially in both the matches the 19th over changed the results. And for India to reach the final, Pakistan will have to lose by a huge margin in both the matches it will play. India should win against Afghanistan. Even then, India will reach the final only if the net run rate is high.

And while the massive trolling is going on for Team India’s defeat.. Young hero Aadi Sai Kumar (Aadi Sai Kumar) stood by him. It is not right to blame and troll for losing one or two matches. He said we have some problems. At the end of the innings in the last two matches, our team has scored another 15 runs less, he tweeted. A netizen commented that winning means wanting to win.. Team India players don’t want to win.

When it comes to movies, Adi Sai Kumar is getting ready to entertain the audience with the movie Crazy Fellow. Recently the teaser of this movie was released. While Fani Krishna Siri is being introduced as a director, Suryavanshi and Marna Menon acted as heroines. Adi’s dialogue in the teaser saying ‘Race with a tiger.. Don’t bet with me..’ is impressive. The movie will hit the box office on October 14. It remains to be seen whether this movie will give a break to Aadi who has been in a series of flops.

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