I will pretend to be a girl .. I will not make such attempts anymore: Vishwak Sen

It is learned that young hero Vishwak Sen is all set to rock the audience on May 6 with his film ‘Ashokavanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam’. However, the prank video made for the film a few days ago sparked a big scandal. Gradually this led to a war of words. The controversy escalated with the use of the word hero F in anger. Later that day Vishwak Sena apologized for the incident but the matter was not settled. Hero Vishwak Sen .. The war of words between TV9 anchor Devi went so far as to complain to the Telangana Cinematography Minister and the Human Rights Commission.

Now the war of words has subsided and seems a bit calmer. Hero Vishwak Sen spoke about the incident in a recent interview. ” We did a lot for the promotion of the movie ‘Ashokavanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam’. But the prank video controversy seems to be on everyone’s mind. Other than that, the thing went sideways. I don’t think we should go for such experiments anymore, ”he said.

Vishwak Sen.

Vishwak Sen said that he is also ready to play the role of a girl in the same order and also wants to do the type role played by Kamil Haasan in Brahmachari. Responding to the above films .. ” My five films are on the line. Earlier, ‘Ori Devuda’ was ready for release. They are going to make a pan India movie called Mas Ka Das. I am also making a film called ‘Damki’ under my direction. I am also making a film called ‘Students Zindabad’ under the direction of Sahitya ” said Vishwak Sen.